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I'm glad you could drop by. This web page serves as a jumping off point for roleplaying games that I run via e-mail. Unless you are interested in online gaming, this site will have little interest for you. I do have a number of other interests, none of which lend themselves much to web site publishing; however I do intend to offer links when I come across some interesting sites on other pages. So, be sure to check out the links section when you have a chance.

This site has a number of graphics so if you'd rather not wait for the slow download, be sure to set your browser to omit graphics on return visits. I have borrowed extensively from other web sites. In all cases, I have tried to give proper credit where due. Where graphics are drawn from a specific living artist, I've tried to give a link to the source home page for those who would like to explore more of a given artist's work. Enjoy your visit and I hope you'll come back.





Gothic Horror

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{Illustrations are (from top) The Favourite Poet, by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema; Le ravissement de Psyché, by Adolphe-William Bouguereau; and Destiny by John William Waterhouse.}

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